ICL International B.V.’s agents in Taiwan are: Messrs. Stay Right Co. Ltd (SRC). SRC was setup in 2013 by Mr. Kurt Su its present General Manager.

Stay Right’s  mission is ‘’to setup a friendly logistics service base to the extrusion manufacturers of Taiwan".  ICL International has appointed SRC for this particular reason. It was advised by many of the European client base of ICL which all spoke highly of the service levels received in the ports of Tainan (An Ping) and Kaohsiung.

As the market SRC is servicing requires a possibility for LME warranting in order to make financing of stocks more easy, the discussions with ICL lead to an agency agreement combining the forces of the two individual companies. Both companies finally have the same goal: offer a high service level on an independent and neutral base to its customers which are mainly operating in or nearby the LME markets in the challenging logistics environment in Taiwan. Together we offer the best of both worlds: for commercial cargoes the Port of An Ping (also in the jurisdiction of the Kaohsiung Port Authority) is the best physical area to have metal available for direct delivery to the almost 100 extruders in the near vicinity of this port.

Because financing stocks may require LME warranting options ICL has successfully applied in March 2017 for the LME registration of a number of warehouses in the FTZ of Kaohsiung Port.  We now have registered one warehouse with the LME in the Port of Kaohshiung, there are more to come.

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Stay Right Co.
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Mr. Kurt Su President
Mrs. Rebecca Lee accountmanager


Stay Right Co.


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Hans C. Cleton
Managing Director

Ruud (H.J.G.) Cybulski
Commercial Manager

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Roy Weber

Diny Nagtzaam
Transport and Office Administration

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